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Seaweed Marine
Gigartina Chamissoi
Is one of the most nutritious foods on earth and does not generate over weight.It is considered an ideal complement in the growing phase, in convalescence periods, pregnancy and during slimming regimes.It has all the basic nutrients that we need, helping us to preserve a good health.

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Body Mix Plus 4 and 1

Ajos 40mg, Caigua 40 mg, Algas Marinas 40, Hercampuri 240 mg
Controls and prevents the obesity and reduces cholesterol in blood,hercampuri eliminates fat and reduces overweight; garlic eliminates impurities, intestine toxins and parasites; caigua has valuable hypotensile action.

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Chanca Piedra
Phyllanthus Niruni
Its use is recommended for the treatment of kidney and biliary stones. It eliminates toxins from kidneys.

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Annona Muricata

It is beleived that about 2% minimum of cancer cells remain after chemotherapy. These cells can develop what is known as the pump. These cells become extremely resistent to further chemotherapy as they are able to pump out any attempt for chemo to enter the cell. These resistant cancer cells eventually grow to create drug resistent tumors. Graviola has been shown to cut off the energy supply to these resistent cells as well. The HSI member’s alert informs that Graviola contains Annonaceous Acetogenins which have remarkable cytotoxic, anti-tumor activities effective against 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostrate, lung and pancreatic.

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Herbal Fem
Malva 75 mg, Matico 75 mg, Manayupa 75 mg, Sangre de Grado 75 mg

Desinflamante of the ovaries, vaginal matrix of the utero and walls ademas the prolapse, the reductions, flows, cysts and sores.

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Gentionella Alboracea
Hypocholesterolemic, cholegogue, choleretic and blood depurative. It is recommended in treatments for weight loss and cholesterol reduction. Also used to treat hepatic affections and as a natural blood purifier. Due to its lipotrophical action, it has a remarkable action on fat metabolism eliminating fatness without cause anorexy.

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Lepidium Meyeni
The large quantity of proteins combined with iron and vitamins,Maca a source of ENERGY and in particular the vitamins B1, B2, B12, C, E, supports the nervous system, helps to fight against FATIGUE and STRESS It is recommended in cases of anemia, osteoporosis, infertility.
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Desmonium Molliculum

Dépuration or detoxification is the process by which the body eliminates toxins exogenous or endogenous affecting the functional balance of the individual, altering the state of health. Many of these toxins accumulate over the years in our body and eventually spread a series of illnesses.Symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, fatigue, tingling, stains on the face and coprs,etc.can be manifestations of poisoning or recent accumulated.

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Morinda Citrifolia
Provides powerful antioxidants, may be beneficial to the immune system, and increases energy.

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Geranium Dielsiaum
Plant with excellent hypoglicemiant effect (reduces sugar levels) reason why is recommended in the treatment of light and moderate diabetes. It is also antidiabetic, hypoglicemiant and blood purifier, considered as a good astringent and anti inflammatory that fights mouth ulcers and diarrheas

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Sexual Power

Sexual Reconstituyente, acts like revitalizador of the impotence and premature eyaculation.
Composition: Maca, Chuchuhuasi, male Huanarpo, Iporuro, Nail huasca.

It is recommended in cases of sexual dysfunction

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Sangre de Grado
Croton Lechleri
Is an excellent cicatrizant used in problems of gastrointestinal ulcers and external ulcerations or injuries (cellular repair). Its hemeostatic property goes hand in hand with cicatrisation, since it stops the hemorrhage of a wound or ulceration. Traditionally used for diverse afecctions like uterine colics, hemorrhages, disenteria and treatment of tumors

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Uña de gato
Uncaria Tomentosa
It is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory recommended for the treatment of arthritic and rheumatic affections, articulation and osteomuscular pains. Stimulates the immunologic system and it has showed to be very effective also in the treatment of cancer, tumors, gastritis, AIDS and some epidemic diseases

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Smallanthus sonchifolius
is recommended in cases of diabetes, digestive problems, in cases of high levels of cholesterol in the blood. It regulates the pancreas function, it facilitates the assimilation of calcium and vitamins of the B complex. Its use is recommended in the treatment of obesity.

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