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Maca - Lepidium Meyeni

Old Peruvian knew its nutritious powers. In this note,we also reviewed some of the so many properties of the maca,well-known in the world like "viagra" of the andes.

The maca (lepidium meyenii walp) is not root of any garden. Shoot only between 3,800 and 4,500 meters of height (to temperatures which they go of 7C° to 8C°), there where our mountainous area begins to be more inhospitable and dificil. A true Andean miracle in the plateau of Chocolate, the departments of Junín and Cerro de Pasco.

Say that antiquity goes back to year 1600 a.C. and that old the Peruvians consumed it regularly, because this tubercle has an impressive one to be able nutritious. Some historians assure that when taking the Incas the reins from the Tahuantinsuyo, turned to the maca in food reserved to chaste the superior ones. Other stories indicate that the soldiers who emphasized in battle received like award a provision of this food.According to searches of the Peruvian geographer Javie Pulgar Vidal,themaca term is fruit of the union of two words chibchas: ' má, qui means "found in the heights" and ' cá, qui means fortificante food.The definition, naturally, could not be more exact [... ]

One reconstituting exceptional as well for the physical activity as mental and sexual. It slows down ageing, the deterioration of the skin and of all our organes.Cette composition, 100% natural, includes/understands maca, soya, kiwicha, quinua and polen.

A root with the nutritive properties and aphrodisiacs exceptional, this reconstituting powerful, reinvigorating and renovating has a proven paediatric action. For the adults, it very effectively stimulates the vital activities and the sexual power. Called the Peruvian ginseng, or Viagra of the Andes).


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