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maca . common questions and answers

1.- Can I take Maca as a preventative ?

Yes, this product can be used continuously to help revitalizer , energizer, restorative, great physical and intellectual stabilizer, improves memory and concentration, reduces stress and fatigue, reinforce the inmune sistem, improves the quality of sex life, improves follicular production thus enhancing fertility.

2.- What's the difference between Maca powder versus capsules ?

Maca can come in a variety of forms. The differences not only lie in the method of ingestion , but also lie in the concentration of active ingredients. If you are looking for a potent formula, usually Maca's Pill, contain the highest concentration. It is important to note however, that you choose a product that not only states the concentration of the active ingredients, but also assures you the patient that authentic ingredients are present via analytical test.

3.- There are so many different brand names on the market today. How do I choose among them ?

Is true, with any other popular product, competition is fierce. However, do not be confuse because the easiest way to decide on a product, is to consider the following:

a) Always ask for supporting evidence from the manufacturer of both microbiological and analytical test to ensure that the product is safe.
b) Inquire if the company does their own research and development whit the products.
c) Ask if the maca's products are manufactured in Peru. If they are not, be aware that the quality may be compromised for cost.
d) Be informed of the active ingredients, and their subsequent concentrations.
e) Look for products with standardized ingredients.
f) Look for capsules that are from natural sources, not animal fat.
g) Does the company have a customer support line ?

Does the company have supporting literature and is the company up to date with latest developments ?

Does the company have qualified professionals capable of answering scientific and medically oriented questions ?.

These are just some of the guestions you should be asking when deciding on a natural product.

4.- Can too much maca be toxic ?

Not really, unless one you have really overdone it. It is still important to follow instructions on packing. Taking any product in excessive dosages does not usually allow it to work faster or more effectively. More often than not, taking any medicine or natural product in excess can cause you more harm than good, and that goes for vitamins and minerals too.

5.- Can I take Maca when i'm pregnant ?

Again, it is not recommended to 'take anything' when you are pregnant or breast feeding, ( excluding food and water of course ) because infant are extremely sensitive and vulnerable to disease an injury during their early development stage.
Acute toxicity studies and cytotoxicity evaluations have demonstrate absence of any evidence of potential toxicity. No side effects have been reported in hundreds of patients using Maca.

6.- Can Maca help prevent cardiovascular disease ?

Yes, Maca can help prevent cardiovascular disease by helping to remove and control LDL ( the bad cholesterol ) because maca's fatty acids unsaturated % 52.7., your chances of developing atherosclerosis is reduced.

7.- Aren't manufacturers depleting the supply of Maca in South America and isn't Maca an exhaustible natural resource ?

No, Maca is not an exhaustible natural resource, and yes, there are some companies that are irresponsibly, because uses chemical fertilizer. Is your responsibility, to inquire about the practices of each company to ensure that their methods of harvesting maca and other plants is ethically and environmentally sound. If isn't, you being a environmentally conscience consumer, should refuse to support their practices.



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