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Herbal Fem

This product contains Manayupa, Matico, and Cat’s Claw. Its use is recommended in cases of inflammations of the reproductive system in women.

Manayupa Desmonium Molliculum
It has an anti-inflammatory action in hepatic, renal, ovarian complaints. It is recommended as a blood depurative.

Matico Angustifolium de Piper
Used as a aromatic stimulant, against gonorrhea, leukorrhea, piles, hemorrhages and dyspepsia.
It is also applied to ulcers and illneness of the respiratory system.

Cat's claw "Uña de gato" Uncaria Tomentosa
It has an anti-inflammatory, vitalizing, immunostimulating action. Its use is recommended in cases of arthritis, neoplasms, arteriosclerosis.

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