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Body Mix Plus

4 and 1

It contains Hercampuri, Garlic, Algas Marinas, Caigua. It is recommended in cases of obesity, overweight, and as a reducer of cholesterol blood levels.

Garlic Allium Sativum L

Garlic helps to detoxify the body. It is said to stimulate the lymphatic system to throw off waste materials. This powerful natural detoxifier helps to strengthen blood vessels, providing protection against pollutants and heavy metal toxicity. It also works to cleanse the kidneys and increase urine flow.
is considered to be an antioxidant that helps to promote healthy immune system function and inhibit destructive, free radical or oxidative damage to tissues or cells. Garlic includes germanium, a mineral that is said to strengthen the immune system and build the body's defense against harmful infectious invasion. It is believed to activate germ-eating macrophages, cells that are produced by the immune system, and it is thought that chemicals in Garlic reduce the production of toxic, free radicals in liver and lung tissue. Some researchers claim that Garlic use may retard proliferation of unhealthy cells, including hormone-sensitive breast and prostate cells, among others

Hercampuri Gentionella Alboracea
Its use is recommended in hepatic complaints, inflammations of the gastric mucous, in the treatment of obesity. Reduces the seric levels of cholesterol, reduces arterial pressure, facilitates digestion. It has a diuretic action.

Caigua Cyclantera Pedata
It acts as a prophylactic against heart complaints and it protects the coronary arteries. Reduces the arterial pressure, seric levels of cholesterol. It is used for obesity treatments.

Algas Marinas Gigatina Chamissoi
It contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. It has a regenerating action of the organism.

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